Monday, January 1, 2018

Spring Break 2016 Camping Trip to Myrtle Beach State Park

 Here we go on our first epic camping trip far away from home!  We took the fabulous R-Pod to Myrtle Beach for a whole week.  David and the suburban did a great job towing from Va.  We were meeting up with Nana and Uncle Larry for the week at the beach.  We even stopped and prepared lunch in the R-Pod at a rest stop along the way.  We have really enjoyed that little camper.
 The three amigos hanging out in the oversized aderondaks that were scattered in the park.  You know, I grew up going to Myrtle Beach for senior week in HS and had my doubts on how a camping trip would be...but it was GREAT!  Nothing like the craziness I experienced as a teenager.  The park was quiet, clean and completely wooded with its own private beach.
 Nana and Larry taught the kids about geocaching.  Looking for the clues and searching on the GPS was a lot of fun for the kids.  We were at the beach and we were camping but the weather in March was still a little chilly, especially the water.  We spent lots of time on the beach but not all day like we do in the summer, it was just too cold.  So...we found other fun things to do.  The first box we found was in the tackle store.
 The second location was a little more tricky.  They found the treasure but the inside only had a piece of paper with names of folks that has successfully found the box.  Needless to say the kids weren't impressed.
 I was freezing.  I mean freezing on the beach.  It wasn't exactly freezing temperatures but I need it to be at least 85 for me to don a bathing suit.  I think it was in the low 70's high 60s and the kids could care less.

 It was really windy on a few of the days and Nana and Larry brought out their kites to teach the kids how to fly.  They enjoyed doing this for awhile and then wanted to get back to digging.....and digging...

 At some point, Lucas decide to sit in his sand hole and fly the kite.
 Uncle Larry teaching the kids about this plant.  I wish I could remember what exactly he was telling him.
 We took a day trip down to Huntington Beach State Park.  This was a super nice park that apparently books months in advance for camping so we weren't able to secure a site here for Spring Break.  We liked it so much we hope to camp there someday in the future.
 They had a small nature center where they rehabilitate animals around the area.
 I wonder what in the world she was thinking about.  I don't think she has seen the Titanic!
 Family bike ride around the park.
 Why yes, that there is a GATOR.

 Love these three kiddos.  The chairs at this state park were a little more glamorous.
 No one cooks a camping meal better than Nana.  No one.
 Boys getting ready to try skim boarding for the morning.
 They gave up on it pretty quickly as the water and the air temps were still too cold for comfort.  So, they went back to digging their massive holes.

 And of course, digging really big holes on the beach is always more fun when you meet up with friends. We ran into the Furrows who have a camper at the adjacent campground!
 You have no idea how fun this was to dig!  Haha!
 And then when more friends show up your vacation just keeps getting better and better.  The Dawson's flew up for the night to hang on the beach and enjoy a camping dinner.

 A shark of an evening at the putt putt course.

 Here we are at the Myrtle Beach aquarium, along with every single other person in the entire county!  I really think this was the WORST aquarium visit I have ever experienced.  It was so crowded you were elbow to elbow with someone at all times.  I don't think the kids even noticed but poor David was miserable.  Yes, did I say it?  David was ready to go the moment we got out of the car.

 But, I mean, much fun did they have?  It was crowded and stinky but I wouldn't have traded a minute of it.  We were all together and that always makes me happy.
This sums up a really fun week camping at the beach.  Our first week long camping trip in the R-Pod and it was wonderful.

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