Sunday, January 28, 2018

Trip to Alexandria

The Simmons finally made it to Alexandria to visit the Yo-Sims at their new digs.  I really felt with the hustle and bustle of Northern VA that we were right back in Atlanta!  They live in a great neighborhood but I must say the cost of living is more than $$$$$.  I will take our little piece of SWVA and the peace and quiet.  Alexandria and the hustle of DC will be a fantastic place to visit.  So much history, I love it!
I love this picture of the kids and the shadow of the flag.  Beautiful.
Getting ready to slide down the steps of the Lincoln memorial.  Lucas was not pouting he was simply ready to make the first slide.

Space ship simulator at the Smithsonian Institute.  
The Discovery I believe.  I have to say, space travel is sort of the most amazing human accomplishment ever.  It really blows my mind.

A beautiful sight.  Thankful every single day that I am an AMERICAN.

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