Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lucas, AKA serious about bowling

The video says it all.  He was so serious about bowling.  I have know idea where he got this from, it was all on his own.  He had the place in stitches!

Back to the Wilderness in the Smokies

 Same room, same gang....Wilderness in the Smokies here we go!
 This year we packed everything we needed and never left the hotel.  Why go out to eat when the kids could care less and your room has a full kitchen?  The first night we had yummy quesadillas cooked up by chef Matt Turner.
 Bowling.  The little guys LOVED this.  I have a video of Lucas that warrants its own separate stay tuned for that!

 Our brave little ropes course climbers getting all harnessed up.

 There they go.  This was way more tricky than it looks.  Hunter didn't even hesitate over the first few challenges and bridges but when they got a little higher he got stuck and wanted to come back down.  I thought this was going to be super easy, but I was mistaken.  Later in the day, Kelly and I harnessed up and tried the course out ourselves.  I am not a risk taker or thrill seeker (just ask Matt and Kelly!) and once we got up on the third level I wasn't so sure that I was going to make it down.  Long story short,  it was fun and challenging and I would love to do it again.

 Wave Pool!!  If you maximize this picture you can see the kids and daddies jumping waves.  This was Hunter's and Emerson's favorite spot.
 Last year he spend most of the stay in the chair, not this year.  He played and played and played!

 Overhand skee ball, you roll that way, right?
 Black light mini golf.

 Ticket masters.  Hunter loved all the arcade games and collecting tickets.

 Emerson climbing the rock climbing wall.  Way to go!!

 Kelly went up the wall too and made it to the top!!

Here is the gang.  These kiddos love each other. There isn't a day that goes by that my boys don't ask to see these sweet girls!  We love you Turner Family!!

"Mom, take my training wheels OFF!"

 Hunter has always loved riding on and driving things.  When he was just a toddler it was his gaol in life to ride a tricycle by himself.  He mastered that and then he moved on to power wheels.  He could drive the four wheeler when he was 2, drive the Ford truck before he turned 3 and mastered the John Deere Gator when Lucas was born, at 3 1/2.  He also enjoyed riding on his smaller bike with his training wheels and zipping around the neighborhood on his scooter.  We knew it was only going to be a matter of time before he wanted to take the training wheels off his little bike.  David and I worked on him riding without the training wheels in the backyard in the fall of last year but he just wasn't ready.  We let it go and then one day while David and I were ripping apart the garage looking for a mouse Hunter took his bike into the backyard by himself and started to ride.  He came running over to me and shouted hysterically, "Mom, you have to see me ride my bike without training wheels right now!"  So David and I dropped what we were doing and ran over to watch.  Sure enough he did it!!  He rode all over the backyard!!!  I guess he was just ready.  He has been riding solo ever since. I don't know who has been looking forward to this moment more, David or Hunter!

Here he is on his little 12 inch frame.  Once he mastered this bike he had built up some confidence to try his 16 inch frame.  He quickly learned the bigger the bike the faster you can go!
One of the best snow days ever!!  During one of our bigger snows this year we ventured over to the the Turner farm for some ultimate sledding and tubing.  These guys grew up in Wisconsin so they know a thing or two about sledding.  We had two runs and lots and lots of fun.  This is a video of Hunter cruising down run number two.  He had an awesome time and flew down the hills.  I have never been sledding on anything but a plastic sled or the old school radio flyer, but hands down for me, the tubes were the most fun!  I wish I had more videos and pics of this day, but my camera battery died shortly after the festivities got started.  Always works that way, right?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Completely Random

 Everyone anxiously awaiting the first batch of popcorn.  This was an awesome Christmas present from  Aunt Noelle and Uncle Kevin.

 Lucas finally figured out that he was big enough to play the computer at the library like Hunter.

 More fun in the snow.

 These 2 pictures were from our hike at Hungry Mother State Park.  We went on a two mile hike and the boys and Ibis did awesome!
Just another weird picture of Lucas eating the snow.

Who loves Uncle Kev?

Uncle Kev!

Bowling in Bristol

 I forgot my camera so there aren't many pictures of this fun activity.  Who knew bowling would be so much fun.  I have never taken my kids before and well, there is a firt itme for everything and it is always more fun with friends.  Poor David and to work so he missed out on all the fun activities.  We bowled the evening away and then went to eat at El Patio, Ole'!
 The smallest balls stilled weighed 6 pounds, which is quite heavy for the little folks.  They each found their individual style to get the ball to the pins.  They all had a blast and thankfully the lanes never cracked!
Hunter watching and waiting to see if he picked up a spare!

Sugar cookies numero dos

 Just like Christmas Eve we made sugar cookies again with Eli and Linden. I love these kids and have such a wonderful time with them.  I really do wish we could smush our states a little closer so we could see them more often.
 This little girl is a hoot and makes me giggle every time I hear her sweet little voice.  She and Lucas spent more time eating the decorations than actually making the cookies.
 Oh...and the boys were dressed in costume for the festivities, you never know when someone might be in need of a superhero.
 Sweet Chloe working hard on her batch.

 Ironman doing his part in the cooking making process.  I think in a few years the cooking making may be left up to the girls.

Sweet memories that I hope will last a lifetime.  I love, love these kids.