Saturday, April 5, 2014

Getting ready for fall

Fall is a beautiful time in Abingdon, VA.  The leaves are beautiful, the Creeper trail looks amazing and is still bustling with people trying to enjoy the last few warm days of the year and of course the kids are crazy excited for the holiday season to begin.  I love this time of year but I feel like it is a buckle your seat belt and hold on kind of season that ages me at warp speed as I worry about all the hosting, shopping and school activities.  This year was now different and after it was all said and done I think I cooked 4 turkeys, 3 hams and about a 100 pies, cookies and cakes.  Fun times were had by all and the next several posts will showcase the Simmons Family holiday season!

 Fall birthday parties with Farmer Larry and Lynn on Fern Valley farm.  Can't seem to get enough of the fun and animals around this place.
 Corn Maze!!  Burr, one of our first really cold days but whose to stop us from corn mazing and pumpkin picking?  Kids loved the maze, and I have to admit, David and I thought it was pretty cool too.  The kids wanted to pick the corn (which is a no, no) and it was amazing to see how high and neatly organized the rows and rows and rows of corn were throughout the maze.

 My punkin pies!

 Everyone got a chance to pick their perfect pumpkin.  Lucas was found on the really little ones and Hunter liked the big, round and unusual looking ones.
 Trailer ride back to the car complete with fresh apples from the orchard.  Yum!!

 Hunter was so happy to see a piece of corn abandoned on the trail.  We wouldn't let him pick one but it was surely Okay to find one just lying around, Right?

These are really funny blow up pumpkins I found super marked down at Lowes' the day before Halloween!  I never thought we would be that family with the blow up things in the yard, but I couldn't resist.  We bought these pumpkins and a spooky tree.  They were a huge hit and even if they were only up for 2 days this year…..we have'm for next!