Thursday, January 4, 2018

Lucas turns 7!!!!

 This is the year we stopped doing BIG at home birthday fiestas.  We started traveling or offering experiences with Hunter at the same age so it seemed fair to do the same with Lucas.  We had the Dawson's and the Turner's over for a sleep over and the York Simmons were up to celebrate as well.

 My attempt at a Lego cake.  It was much harder than the Pinterest version I tried to replicate!  Lucas loves, loves, loves Legos so this was the perfect cake for him.  It wan't the fanciest but it looked cool the kids and they gobbled it up!
 Breakfast is always better when you are surrounded by all of these cute smiling faces.  I think I made a 100 pancakes!
 Opening presents is always fun!

 So is blowing out the candles!  I think Blaine and Lucas were more interested in the minifigures I used to help hold the candles than the cake itself.

Thanks to all of our friends and family who helped make this such a special day for Lucas.  An additional part of his birthday was a trip to Legoland, FL in the summer.  I will have lots of pictures for that blog post.  It was a blast!  Happy, Happy Birthday to my spunky Lucas!

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