Monday, January 1, 2018

Easter 2016 at Sullins Academy and GCC

Kindergarteners patiently waiting for the big hunt.  Mrs. McMurray had just finished a story and going over the rules for the hunt.  These kids were so excited it took everything they had to stay on their bottoms and wait for the green light.

You can see that they are all lined up and ready to go on a beautiful spring day.  If their was a video to this just image all the chatter and screams of, "I see a blue one over there", and "I see two over by the tree!"  It was a race from the word GO!
The hunt is on!
The hunt is over and successful.  Nothing better than hunting for treasure filled eggs and then hanging with your bestie before heading inside to make your very own epic Easter egg cookie.

I really could have done without all the extra sugar for the day but the kids had a blast decorating their own cookie after the Easter egg hunt.  I mean, really, what grade is more fun than Kindergarten?
Sweet Hunter enjoying his egg hunt as well.  For the second graders they did a treasure hunt Easter egg hunt.  There were clues for each egg that you had to find.  It was super fun and the kids loved it.  It also took more time and some forethought as well, versus the run and grab standard method.

All finished and ready for the group picture, after that let's go home!
Our second Easter egg hunt took place at GCC.  The staff has been working really hard to be more kid and family friendly and our family has truly appreciated the extra efforts.  There was a great egg hunt, a fun lunch with games and the opportunity to have some fun with friends.

I think in this picture Hunter found a really small egg.  We all know how much Lucas loves little tiny things so his amazing big brother gave it to him.

Yay!  Cupcakes and more sugary, buttery sweet treats....
Loving his basket of goodies and anxiously awaiting the go from mom that it is okay to eat a few of the treasures that he found inside.

All the kids comparing the loot.
Pin the tail on the bunny!  The kids loved this game.  Poor Hunter wasn't even close.

And neither was Lucas.  If I remember correctly, I think little Ben Nichols nailed it!

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