Thursday, January 4, 2018

70.3 In Chattanooga Kids Run--An Epic race

 Here we all are back in Chattanooga to kick off the first of 4 70.3 and one long course race for me this year.  This was a stacked event as it is the host city for the World Championships in the fall and some folks are still trying to qualify.  It's a great way to start the season and practice the course.  The boys are pumped and ready to participate in the kids run the morning before.  Boy, they are getting FAST.
 Here comes Evan...FLYING.  He was the number one boy finisher from our four.  He finished one mile in 6 minutes flat.  I think he was one of the top 10 kids to finish.  This kid is a runner, well they all are.
 Hunter was next to come through the halfway point.  He wan't too far behind Evan around 6:20 pace for the mile.

 And Lucas!  Look at him go!  He was in the middle of the pack and just flying past kids left and right.
 Heading to the finish!

 With this kid right on his heels.  Blaine was so fast I missed him at the halfway point but I was able to get a picture of him pushing to the finish line.  He finished in an astounding 6:30!  The kid is super fast when told to run from point A to B.  If undistracted the kid is FAST!  Look out big brother!

 There go Lucas to the finish!  He finished in just over 7 minutes!  His fastest mile to date!

 This is a look of a job well done?  Can we have a slushy now, and go to the aquarium, and go rock climbing for 56 straight hours, and go to the IMAX theater and see the jungle and swim in the indoor pool and, and and ....

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