Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sullins Academy 'mock' Cross Country meet

Winner, winner!  This kid can run!  He was the lead runner for Sullins CC all season.  We did a mock CC meet at Sullins for the little guys who simply didn't get to participate in many of the races due to age and grade restrictions.  They cam to practice and worked hard but that can get old if you don't have the opportunity to RACE!  This is coming straight from the horse's month.  Ms. VW made a course around the school property and the big guys raced 2 miles, the 4th grades 1 mile and the littles did half a mile.
Our two first place finishers and one second place finisher hanging out after a hard run in a big hilly field.
Fourth Grade finishers.  Go Gavin in the cast!
And the biggest field of competitors goes the the second and third graders...and one first grader!

Thanks again to Ms.VW for hosting this event for the kids!

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