Sunday, January 7, 2018

Leaving the Island---2017

Back with Captain Tommy and his two dogs for our departure off the island and back into civilization.  Compared to our trip in, this ride back to our cars was stunning.  It was beautiful and warm and the sound and intracoastal waterways were full of marine life.  I love boat rides like this.  Our load was a little lighter as all the groceries had been consumed.

Everyone was more comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather off the island.  We were all sad to leave the remoteness and peace the beautiful island offered.

Captain Tommy stopped for a few minutes so we could watch a family of dolphins play in the water.  They swam all the way up to the boat.
This little guy lost his hat in the water...but just, like that within 2 minutes Tommy had turned the boat and snatched up the hat like a professional.  I assumed he was used to his company losing things to the wind.  I was impressed with his boat handling skills.
The captain new the waterways like the back of his hand.  It was a maze of waterways to get back to the dock.  Some of the passageways were no wider than the width of the boat.  He knew which ones were deep enough for the boat and which ones were not.  It was impressive.

We all enjoyed this relaxing trip back into the world.  The salty air felt good and refreshing.  I hope to visit this beautiful place again someday.

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