Saturday, January 6, 2018

More Amelia

I told you those bookie boards were the best.  Even Uncle Kevin can catch a good wave!

Someone lost another tooth.  The two front teeth were a mess the rest of the summer.  Thank goodness those two things came out before school started.  He looked like a member of the Hatfield's or McCoy's!

And that must have been a good one!  Look at him go!
Back to digging holes and sand castles.  
David trying to stand on the surf board.  In all fairness this board was meant for little people.  It is a soft board and used for kids beginning to learn how to surf.  I think the weight max is around 150 pounds.  He gave it a few tries before eventually giving up. I think he would have gotten the hang of it on an adult version of the same board.
Yes, please.  Here's another one of those shots that I will take a poster size of to go on my walls at home!

Base camp.

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