Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Lucas!!!!

 Dinosaurs!!!!  Lucas loves dinosaurs the way Hunter loved trucks and tractors at the same age.  I could write a book on how different these two little brothers are, who knows, maybe one day I will.  We had a great party and I really enjoyed planning and preparing for this one.  This was his invitation.  You have to love ETSY and all the creative folks on there that share their fun ideas and templates.

 The most important table in the house:  The party favor table!!  We have had quite a few little boy parties and so far the dinosaur party for Lucas and the pirate party for Hunter have been my favorites.  I made little dinosaur bags that the kiddos used to collect dinosaur bones in the dino dig and for rescuing dinosaurs from the Ice Age.  They also got their very own dinosaur egg!
 Spot for the carnivores!  Thanks to Chick Filet for some great dino bites!
 Hellloooo Herbivores.  I really should have done a better job with the photos.  This was such a cute set up.  We had a veggie trey, dino bones (pretzels) and dinosaur toenails (bugles).
 The Watering Hole.
 The friendliest greeter, 26.  Her name is 26.  You need to watch the kids cartoon Dinotopia and the quest for the ruby stone to understand her name.  And, yes, the boys insisted she be named 26.

 This cake makes me want to laugh and cry.  For the past few birthdays I have insisted that I make the cake.  It is fun and I enjoy the baking, planning and creating especially when I have the kitchen to myself and no little folks lingering around wanting to help.  I had high hopes of a long neck dinosaur and made all the preparations; cooked the cakes 2 nights before, made the icing and had all the candy needed for the decorations. It was the worst attempt ever! I could not get the cake to come together at all.  I tried every trick in the book and ended up with a big mess!!  Thankfully, a friend came to the rescue and whipped up this terrific Triceratops with 24 hours notice.  It was perfect and Lucas loved it!!
 Waiting patiently for the party guests to arrive.  I really think they were dinosaur egg watching.  Since Lucas's birthday is so close to Easter a great party activity is an egg hunt.  The kids love it and I found some eggs that came with little, tiny dinosaurs in them.
 Hard to see but this was the Dinosaur dig.  We had a huge sandbox and buried about 50 dinosaur skeletons in it.
 Part of the Ice Age.  The boys helped me freeze over 100 miniature dinosaurs in little, blue drinking cups.  The kids had to push the ice out of the cups and use a hammer to free the dinosaurs of the ice.  This was my favorite activity.  I was a little nervous about 3 year olds using a hammer (they were small children's hammers), but they did a great job and went to town smashing up the ice.
 Checking out his own loot bag.

 Another party favorite at the Simmons house is the piƱata.  As in parties before, this is always a hit! (No pun intended here!)
 First up was the birthday boy!
 Look the the determination, not the mention the backswing.
 I am sure he is telling me what to do next.  The hardest job at any of our parties for me is controlling the pinata scene.
 Little Alice taking a turn.

 Here is a better picture of the Ice Age.

 Happy, Happy Birthday funny man!  I can't believe he is 3.

Here goes a long line of catch up time!

Let me begin with, "it has been crazy around here since my last posting!"  We have celebrated 4 birthdays, bought and sold a house, moved, competed and trained for our first half iron man, had a great summer vacation, lost a first tooth and started kindergarten!  Whew, I am tired just thinking about all those things.  Well, we did it all and we all survived with lots of ups and downs in between.  I am excited to blog about the experiences and take a look back at a whirlwind past 6 months.