Sunday, January 7, 2018

More Dufuskie Summer 2017

 A sweet picture of Hunter and Gaga on the shoreline of Melrose.  You can see Hilton Head Island and some of the high rise condos in the background.
 Another one of my favorite pictures.  We are so lucky to have Gaga and Papa with us for this trip!
 Some pictures of Haig Point.  You can see that it's much more resort living.  It's like the rest of the island is a jungle and then you have Haig Point.
 Bloody Point map of the golf course we played.
 My sweet Hunter.  We were back at the southern end of the Island and you can see Savannah in the background.
 The storms that hit the island or that somehow missed us and went around were nothing short of impressive.

The remains of some of the slaves housing on Haig Point.  The original inhabitants of the island brought in slaves to manage and work in the production of rice and rice fields.

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