Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Day one Spring Break 2017

 We made it back to the FBL!  We were tired and slightly overdressed for the temperatures.  Like I said before, they had record breaking high temperatures for the end of the ski season.  No worries, all trails were still open and there was plenty of snow!
 Ok, I tried!  Yes, Chloe didn't make it to the FBL because she was in ski school for two days.  David and I can ski but we aren't instructors and I know she would learn so much more from them.
 Still loving the hot chocolate!
 Waiting on Chloe to finish up with school.  The boys loved, loved skiing with her.
 This is a great picture (NOT) but I had to post it because it captured exactly how I felt.  Tired and Hot!  It is was also super sunny and I didn't have any glasses and walking up the room seemed like an unimaginable feat so I opted for my sweaty googles.
Yes, I suppose he qualifies now.  I thought it was more difficult skiing this time of year because there was more ice.  More ice but less people.

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