Thursday, January 4, 2018

Easter 2017

 Sunrise service on the top of Pilot Mountain.  We all (David and I) grew up attending this service when we were kids.  We thought the boys would enjoy it.  It was beautiful and COLD.  Yes, I am totally freezing in that picture.  What was I thinking?  Next year, I am wearing some pants...or my wetsuit.
 Great picture of Gaga and Papa.
 The rest of the day was beautiful and warm and we had a MASSIVE Easter egg hunt on the farm in Pilot.  I think we hid over 200 eggs and they were mostly filled with money so the kids were on a rampage looking for them.  We have to hide them pretty well or the hunt is over in 5 minutes flat.  I think my dad is still finding eggs around the place!

 I love watching them hunt for the eggs and the excitement in their eyes when they find them!
 Easter project and party at school.  Lucas's class made the cutest little chickens.  I finally had to throw that thing out.  I help onto it for 8 months tho.

 This is my "I'm happy with my loot!" face.
 Our art program at Sullins Academy is OUTSTANDING!  Mrs. Wishon is a rockstar with the kids and not only do they make beautiful pieces of art and learn different art techniques, she molds their acting/musical side by conducting amazing school shows.  Most of their artwork is used throughout the school for display and decoration and why wouldn't you?  The stuff they do is awesome and each kid is proud of what they have done and proud to have it displayed around the school.  I had to take a picture of this Easter display because it was GORGEOUS.  The colors, the eggs the backdrop of tile.  It really was stunning.
 Hunter's class getting ready for the egg hunt. In the third grade they are still ready to race for the eggs.  At this point, it's more fun to see who can find the first eggs and the most eggs.  I don't think they care very much about the stuff inside.  Or, at least, Hunter doesn't.

 Finishing up his day with a party and it appears his basket is pretty full too.  Most of the candy this year will have to be given to his brother since he is sporting braces.
Bunny ears never gets old, right?  A delicious Easter lunch prepared by Gaga!

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