Monday, January 22, 2018

I WON! and Trip home

Who knew this race was LONGER than the one I raced to qualify for it?  I guess Team USA had sent me a 100 emails about the course, including the distance changes but I never took the time to read them.  I am busy!  I am a mother, an endurance athlete, a wife, housekeeper, financial and social planner, personal taxi service, pet keeper, and on and on.....and in the summer when the kids are home lots of little details get overlooked. Oh well, I will adjust and see what happens.  I do better at the longer stuff anyway.  And you know what happened?  I WON!  I was the 35-39 World Champion and the second female amateur athlete across the line.  It was an overwhelming feeling and I was so happy to have David there cheering me across the line.  He is always a comforting site when I am racing.  I started to falter around mile 16 and he was there encouraging me to the end!!

I have pictures of me crossing the line and I will have to post them later.  I lost them due to a computer crash and I need to re upload them! Ugh!  But here, is a nice pictures of my tired legs back in the car 4 hours after the race to head back to Seattle.  It was a cluster of an afternoon.  We just raced 70 plus miles across Penticton and now we were in a race to get back to the States.  Once again I have to mention that I married the best man on planet earth.  He broke down our bikes and got them back to the bike transport company (more on that debacle later) and drove the 6 hours back to our hotel in Seattle.  We were exhausted and sore but overall happy with our experience!

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