Sunday, January 7, 2018

Dufuskie Island

 The pool at the condo was a nice place to relax after a day at the beach or when the kids needed a break from the beach.  It had a nice set of grills so we often set down on the patio and grilled out dinner while the kids played in the pool.  One evening we ran into Mrs. Wright!!  She was going to be Hunter's fourth grade school teacher!  You can imagine our surprise when we spotted someone we knew on this little unknown island.
 A view from the beach of the condos where we stayed.  They were really nice and we had a wonderful time here.
Our view of the roads from the golf cart.  This island doesn't' have any cars.  Only the maintenance folks and some of the permanent and original inhabitants of the island have cars.  I don't recall seeing one while we were here, except a bug truck headed out to spray at the golf course.  You can see how remote the island is.  My parents loved it!  They got out on the golf cart and explored every inch of the island.  There are three parts to the island.  Bloody Pointe, where we sayed, Melrose, which was a beautiful resort community in the middle of the island, and Haig Point, on the far end of the Island.

We traveled out to Melrose and it was a creepy site.  The huge hotel was abandoned as were many of the homes.  It was like driving through the set of the Walking Dead, without the zombies of course.  The roads were paved but in bad shape, the street lamps had fallen, the pool houses were over grown and it was all just creepy.  Apparently, bad business management sent that place right into bankruptcy.  Haig pointe was the only successful development on the island and it was a gated community.  We set up a real estate tour of a few of the homes as the price points were freakishly low.  The homes were affordable but to live out there, or have a rental out there would be difficult.  Remember, you can only get there by ferry.  This community had their own ferry service that was available 24/7 365 days of the year.  You could afford the home but the property fees and amenities were as high, if not higher than the mortgage payment.  I loved it! I love the beach and I love the remoteness, the quaintness and the exclusiveness of that place.  It would be a place to live or have a second home if you had expendable income.

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