Thursday, January 4, 2018

More from Hilton Head

 We stayed at the Marriott Barony Resort.  It was a 2 bedroom condo and the perfect place for our mini get away.  They had several pools and the one closest to our building had a waterslide and splash park.  The kids loved it.

 Lunch by the pool is always a good idea.

 Waterslide fun outside of our room.  The pool is a nice break from the ocean and a good way to rinse all the sand out before heading back to the room.  

 It doesn't matter what beach we go to, the boys love digging huge holes.  We packed super light for this trip.  I told David we could not bring every beach toy we had. We brought the shovels and a few buckets and ended up buying paddle ball from the resort.

 Lucas and I like making drippy castles in the sand.  We made castles while Hunter and David played epic games of paddle ball.

 Nice form

 Oh, and I guess we brought the boogie boards.  I thought we had left those at home.  Maybe the skim boards didn't make it this trip.

 Ping pong table by the grill.  Hotels are nice but our family really enjoys cooking and staying in after a day at the beach.  It is nice to stay at a place that has a super nice outdoor grilling space and a kitchen.  We enjoyed both.

 We did eat out one night at the Crazy crab.  These boys and their mama love good crab legs!
 Master griller for our surf and turf night!
 They gifted us a bottle of wine when they found out it was our anniversary.  Little touches like this make the hotel so memorable.  Such a thoughtful gesture.
Headed home.  Stopped and did a little outlet shopping and couldn't get out of there without a Hilton Head build a bear.  He snuggled with it all the way home.

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