Thursday, January 4, 2018

St. Patty's day and other things

 Every year we make and Leprechaun trap and we never seem to catch a thing!  This was our best one yet and still no takers!  We even had a pot full of golden eggs on the other side of the rainbow tunnel. Little does the Leprechaun know, but there is a big hole under that bride with a sticky pad in the box to keep him still.  This was part of the third grade STEAM project for the Spring.
 Boys and their dog.  That dog would follow them to the ends of the Earth and back.  He will even go down the slide.  He prefers the stairs but takes the slide if necessary.
I haven't a clue to what this is.  I find things like this all over my house from Lucas.  He has an obsession with 'little' things and has them hoarded all over the house.  I think he was feeding these two little guys.  Who knows what happened to them.  I bet I could ask him right not where they are and he would take me to some random small box and they would be nestled inside.  Finding things like things around the house make me smile and realize he has a wondrous imagination.

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