Sunday, January 21, 2018

From Seattle to Penticton

Out of the city and driving through the rest of Washington State.  It was a beautiful drive and reminded me a lot of the drive from Abingdon to Asheville...except the mountains were rocky and really BIG.

These pictures are out of order but this is the lake we swam in for the race.  It was miles and miles long, narrow but like over 30 miles long.  The water was navy blue and stunning.

The charger made it to Penticton
The Canadian border!
We made it to customs!  Getting ready to cross into the beautiful country of Canada.
An interesting place to stop for breakfast.  We wanted to try something local, not your usual Starbucks or Panera....and they were around for sure.  We found this interesting little place and had a great breakfast and jug of coffee.

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