Sunday, January 28, 2018

Halloween 2017

Halloween is a big deal around this house.  We decorate and party for the whole month and then it is a race through the Christmas holidays.  We start with parties and festivities at school.
Then we celebrate with the GCC family with a hayride and fun dinner and haunted house.  This year Hunter was dracula, Lucas was a scary Jester and Chloe was Winnie the Pooh.
Then we hosted our annual neighborhood Halloween party.  The dinosaur was Derek and I wish I had a picture of him crossing the golf course in that outfit.
More parties at school with friends.

Lining up for the traditional Halloween costume contest.
Carving our pumpkins is always fun.  I think the boys like eating the seeds once I bake them more than they like carving the pumpkin.
Some of our beautiful fourth grade princesses.
This was the school wide winner.  I mean, who could really compete with the Golden Girls.  This totally cracked my up!  You should have seen these boys trying to walk in heels.  They are classmates of Hunter in the fourth grade.
Lucas's class up on the stage and the only opportunity he had at school to wear his creepy mask.
This was the cast of one EPIC Halloween haunted house.  I should do a whole blog dedicated to the hard work these kiddos put into pulling off the best Haunted House in the neighborhood.  The boys worked on transforming the playroom into a haunted house.  They had it scripted and every detail covered and they also offered various degrees of scary for the littles that wanted to go through.  It was  a lot of work, more than I think they realized.  They led groups of 4 through the house from 5-8.  It was crazy and I have to say they did an amazing job.  It was the hit for the night!!  I am curious to see if they will be up for hosting another one next year.
Our community service project was to donate items to make Kindness kits.  We made kits out of the various items folks donated when they came to the party.  The kits had water, gatorade, chapstick, a bath cloth, pair of socks, hand sanitizer and granola bars.  The idea was to keep them in your car and hand them out to people begging on the side of the road.  I little was to spread some hope and kindness, acknowledging a human need without simply handing over money.
A wonderful neighborhood filled with family and good friends!  A great time every year!
Back on the hayride!
Saving the best for last!  The hosts every year.  We tried to dress up as Velma and Shaggy..oh well, we had fun!  Until next year!

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