Monday, November 20, 2017

2nd grade field trip back in time

Second grade took a field trip to a small farm outside of Johnson City, TN that is a working replica of a plantation from the early part of the 19th century.  I love visiting places like this and seeing how much has changed over the past century.  There is a part of me that is envious of the quieter, less commercialized world.  A place in time when families lived and worked together and hard work was rewarded with vitality and respect.
This lady was teaching the students how to make candles.  This family made candles and sold or traded them for things they needed on their farm.
Hunter patiently waiting his turn to dip and dip and re-dip into the hot wax to make his own candle.
Inside the museum where the descendants of the pioneering family have donated and preserved many of the tools, household items, farm tools and other interesting collections from this era of time.  The kids all enjoyed reading about the history and use for the tools and collections.

The real working kitchen.  This was my favorite part of the tour.  This actress was cooking in the kitchen house.  It was a separate house from the main living quarters.  The women would spend many hours cooking meals for the men while they tended to the farm.  We were told that their skirts were made of a special material such that the embers from the fire would not catch their clothes on fire.  It was a very hot outfit for the summer months but it was a necessary means for safety.

Cold day projects and other home fun

Hunter wanted to learn to sew so I taught him!
First project was a pillow.  Hunter made a great little head pillow.
Napping with sweet dogs are the best.
Crafting to make cute little bunnies.
And, we did our best to catch a Leprachan.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Here's to 38!

Here's to turning 38.  I have had a fabulous year and I am so thankful and blessed for my amazing 
life, family and friends.  Beautiful flowers that David and the boys sent to me.

Happy Birthday to me.

Valentines trip to Snowshoe West Virginia

In the middle of town in Snowshoe the snowplows had created this enormous mountain of snow.  Kids from all over had created slides from each and every side of the snow mountain.  Thank you snow plow men for providing my children with an hour of entertainment while we waited for lunch.

From this picture it looks like it would be relatively warm.  It's Valentine's weekend so it's the middle February and should be SNOW.  It should be cold...well, it was FREEZING!  I mean like really, stupid COLD!  The first day it was -18 with crazy wind gusts.  Yes folks that is a negative sign in front of the 18.  It was so cold but when you have the right ski gear and an ambitious set of kids you bundle up and SKI!
We stayed an extra day to ski and the Dawson family had to leave. The temps were slightly warmer.  We were out of the below zero range and into the teens.  It was, for all intents in purposes, rather pleasant.  The boys were warm and the wind was gone (as were the lift lines) and we skied for the rest of the day.  It was a last minute decision to stay another day but it was oh so worth it!

Finding ways to entertain themselves while we are again waiting on food.  Someone found a way to entertain themselves...
And someone did not!

Headed home with tuckered out kiddos!

Hello Stanley

Hunter made this little guy in the second grade.  He had to send him to a friend and have that friend take pictures with Stanley around their town.  Hunter sent Stanley to his cousins in Atlanta.  The first picture is with the downtown Ferris wheel.  I wonder if Stanley liked the view from the top!
Hello to the host city of the 1996 summer Olympics!
Turner field!  The home of the Atlanta Braves!
The childhood home of Martin Luther King.
And Peachtree Avenue downtown.  We were really thankful to have a great family for flat Stanley to visit! Thank you to the Yo-Sims for their hospitality.

First Grade assembly and Polar Bear swim meet 2016

Polar Bear swim meet with friends is always fun.  Lucas and Blaine were able to swim in a few events this year and they did so with courage and determination.  Super proud of all the kids for putting in the practice time and having fun in the meet!

This was the first time these two would be swimming together.  They were in different heats but would be scored in the same 10 and under division.
Nice entry Hunter!

I know these are a couple of random pictures thrown in with the swim meet but Sullins academy did a  skit on the different systems in the body.  Each person had their own speaking part and I wish I had videoed Evan because he rocked out a super cute rap!

CAST team and team Simmons lining up for their warm up time in the pool.  I felt so bad for them the water temps in this pool are FREEZING!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Last pics of a super fun trip!

These pictures need no caption.  Simply stunning scenery.

My cuties.  It will be hard to see how these cute little faces change over the years into handsome young men.  Right now they still have such sweet baby faces.  I guess in my eyes they always will.

These pictures are the day after a snow day. I'm not sure how much snow Steamboat had, I would guess somewhere around 10 inches.  That seems to be the norm for a daily snowfall.

Always hopeful.....#windowshopping

Yes, please.

One of my favorite skiing partners.

"If Hunter and Evan can do it, we can do it too!"  Moguls!!!

Taking a break while waiting on everyone else.  Show offs!

Polls!!!  They graduated to polls this year!  At the top of the black diamond, Valley View.  Until next year Steamboat. another fabulous ski vacation for us all!