Sunday, January 7, 2018

Summer hike to the Channels with the Timmons

 We took a hike to the Channels with the Timmons crew.  Big brother Gavin was already on his way to the top with a group of friends and we were not too far behind.  With camel packs on we were prepared for the 3 mile summit to the top.
 Through the rhododendron tunnels we were almost to the top.
 And we made it!  And yes, our furry friends got to join us on the hike.  Tsali was really good when we got there, but the channels freak Kona out.  You see, the Channels are a network of rock that have formed 'channels' and tunnels over time from wind, rain and erosion.  It's and intricate maze of fun for the kids and when Kona can't keep them all together he loses his mind.
 Base camp.  I cared all the goodies.  We had lunch on the rock and I brought along homemade jerky and fruit roll ups.  Those are always a hit with the kids.

 This guy loves looking for forts and isn't afraid to traverse the smallest nook or cranny.

 This one isn't afraid either.

Great summer day for a hike to the Channels.

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