Thursday, January 4, 2018

Lap Hog....and blanket update

 Whose lap is the best?
Did you see the little white blanket is back!  Way back in another post there was a picture of him sleeping in the car and it was missing.  Want to know what happened to that thing?  It was left in Cozumel!!!!!  Housekeeping mistakenly took it on our last day and we didn't realize we didn't have it when we left the hotel.  It wasn't until we were on the plane and he asked for it did we realize it was gone.  I panicked.  More so than him, I believe.  My mom made that blanket for him.  I brought him home from the hospital in that blanket.  He is 7 years old and carries that thing around like Linus.  Our family LOVES that blanket. The long of the short of it is...with the help of the ladies at our bank and the one person at the hotel in Cozumel that could speak decent English over the phone we were able to get the blanket back to the USA!  It was a miracle and I actually cried when I opened the bag from FedEx and the dingy, stinky blanket was there!  It took a month to make this miracle come true but perseverance paid off.  Thank you Jesus!

 I don't think he cares.

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