Sunday, January 7, 2018

Hunter's Birthday trip to Dufuskie Island, SC---The ride over

      I really can't put into words the experience of our travel day to get to Dufuskie Island.  You see, DI is a small island located between Hilton Head Island and Savannah, GA.  It is surrounded by the waters of the Calibogue Sound, the Intracoastal waterway and the Atlantic Ocean.  That all being said the only way you can reach the island is by boat.  There are no grocery stores, 2 restaurants, and 3 (well, used to be three...more on that later) golf courses.  We were staying at a condo and had packed enough food to last us for our stay.  That was tricky as we weren't used to it, but since we have been camping so much I likened it to camping!
     The drive was long.  We had to catch the boat.  You reserve a time and you have to be there.  The last public ferry (it's covered) left at 4, you had to be there by 3:30 to load....with David's schedule we simply couldn't meet the time requirements so I chartered a private boat...which a lot of people do.  When we got to the dock it was POURING!!!  I mean it was raining cats and dogs with dangerous lightening and thunder.  It was coming down in sheets with no breaks on the horizon.  And...we had an uncovered boat to take us to DI.
     We waited for our captain to give the OK and we loaded in the rain and took off on the 25 minute ferry over to the Island.  David brought extra tarps as he predicted correctly we were going to get caught in the rain.  We used those to cover our luggage.  Tommy, our captain, doesn't travel without his dogs so we were on this wet boat, in the cold rain with 9 people and 2 wet dogs shaking every 5 minutes.  I wish we had that whole ride on camera.  All we could do was laugh, hysterically, at the calamity of the situation.

 Thank you Jesus we made it to the dock and the skies were clearing!

And our second leg of the journey to the condo was waiting for us!  At this point, I'm not quite sure where we are taking our family beach vacation.  I'm having second thoughts about this destination being a good idea.

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