Saturday, January 6, 2018

Working with a master. builder

Here we are in the Master builder room.  You make an appointment and you get to make a lego with one of the master builders at the hotel.  If I remember correctly, there are four master builders at Legoland, FL.  There are close to 40 in the world.  We were given a little history on becoming a Master builder and what the job description entails. When a new park opens, it takes the efforts of all the builders (all 40 of them) to put together the huge lego displays you see at the hotel and around the theme park.  You don't have to be a lego lover to appreciate the complexity and hard work that goes into putting the structures together.  As I continue to write about this trip, the pictures really don't justify how AWESOME the HUGE structures really are.
In this class the kids got to make and octopus.

This is a closer up picture of the wall behind the hotel lobby desk.  This is a mini figure haven.  The staff around the place, including those that work at the park, all have minifigures pinned to their name tag.  If you have your own mini figures you can ask them to trade.  It's kind of a bid deal being able to trade mini figures all over the park.

A couple more impressive lego people hanging in the hotel lobby.

One of the many 'pools' of legos scattered in the hotel lobby.  Apparently, babies like to roll around in legos.

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