Saturday, January 6, 2018

Bikes at Amelia--and the Jacksonville Triathlon recap

 David and I struggle with what bikes to bring to the beach.  We can't bring them all, we don't have the room.  By default on this trip we took our Tri bikes.  David and I actually raced a triathlon, the JAX triathlon 2 in a series of three over the course of the summer.  David participated in the Sprint distance and I in the Olympic.  And Noelle joined David in the Spring distance. This was her first triathlon and she did great!  It was super duper HOT but it was a fun race.  I won for the females and finished in the top 15 overall of men and women.  It was supposed to be a training race but who really does that?  Not me, I want to win.  We have zero pictures from this.  We were all racing and no one thought to bring a camera.  The kids were volunteers and worked hard at the finish line taking timing chips off ankles.  I was surprise to see my little guys helping me at the finish.  They worked diligently and I think the race coordinators were glad to have some extra help on a really hotter than expected day.

---but about those bikes--we ended up renting some beach cruisers from a local bike shop.  They were so much fun!!!  Compared to the bikes I ride and the way I ride them, these were like sofas.  Plush seats, easy to pedal, smooth cushiony ride.  This bike is the way to get around the island.
 Biking to the hotel pool for the afternoon.

Oh, and Noelle bought this old beach cruiser from some thrift shop.  It worked perfectly and she was hoping to leave it at the condo.

 Quick stop at Drummond Park.

 S'mores on the beach are always a great way to end the night.  This evening was extra special as the kids met some other kids with a soccer ball and before you knew it they were all playing a soccer game together.

 I have to make at least one S'more while I am there.
The sunsets are always beautiful at the beach.

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