Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Last pics of a super fun trip!

These pictures need no caption.  Simply stunning scenery.

My cuties.  It will be hard to see how these cute little faces change over the years into handsome young men.  Right now they still have such sweet baby faces.  I guess in my eyes they always will.

These pictures are the day after a snow day. I'm not sure how much snow Steamboat had, I would guess somewhere around 10 inches.  That seems to be the norm for a daily snowfall.

Always hopeful.....#windowshopping

Yes, please.

One of my favorite skiing partners.

"If Hunter and Evan can do it, we can do it too!"  Moguls!!!

Taking a break while waiting on everyone else.  Show offs!

Polls!!!  They graduated to polls this year!  At the top of the black diamond, Valley View.  Until next year Steamboat. another fabulous ski vacation for us all!

Some dinner fun on Ski-Cation

I didn't realize how dark this picture was.  A group shot, minus David, on our way to La Montana.  A snowy and bitterly cold evening at -12 degrees.  It is funny how you 'warm up' to those low temperatures.  In the South we tend to shut down with temps in the 20s but in the west you simply throw on another layer and head out the door.
Thumbs up as the whole crew made it to the FBL.
Hot chocolates all around while we were waiting for our table.  You can see little grumpy in the background who was all mad about something....
And then there was happiness!  Thankfully, a cup of warm hot chocolate changed a bad attitude.

Nothing but love for RAGNAR's!  Until next year when we land back at the FBL for an ice cold Stella and split pea and ham.

Steamboat Springs 2016--Take VI

I can tell from this picture that Lucas is headed back in for the day.  The skiing is over and I bet he is thinking about the hot tub!
Still no poles for these guys...but next year I know they will have them.
Suiting back up after the gondola ride.

Terrain park!

Boy, oh, boy how I love these little people!
I can already tell that David was the one handing out these snacks.


Snow many pictures and snow little time.