Saturday, January 6, 2018

Dinner out!

We venture off the Island on rare occasions.  It's such a beautiful condo and view, we do most of our cooking at home.  Nice, easy atmosphere and the kids can play.  Our family loves seafood and the York Simmons were gracious enough to join us for seafood.
Another reason we went out that particular night was that there were TERRIBLE thunderstorms and tornado warnings ALL afternoon and we had been stuck for hours inside the condo.  We all had restless legs that day.
We all dressed in, um, 'nice' clothes for this trip out.  With the exception of Lucas.  I will be glad when he grows out of this clothing battle stage.  He wants to wear play clothes everywhere.  They are more comfortable (actually, I think he simply wears what he's used to) and a battle ensues.  The clothing war is one I let go as long as his hair is brushed and his clothes are clean.

The silly ones are always cute and fun.  Thanks to Noelle who always suggests it.

And we paused for a family photo too.  it was super HOT and humid out there after the passing storms.
Nice evening out with these sweet faces.  Oh, how they are growing up.

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