Friday, January 5, 2018

Putt Putt with Mrs. Welker

 Remember those baskets we won last fall?  Hunter's prize was a day out playing putt putt at the Martha Washington Inn and lunch after.  There were 10 other baskets to place his tickets in, from Go-pros to a money chest and all Hunter wanted was a day out with Mrs. Welker. She was his first grade school teacher!!  I thought it was really sweet.  We set aside a day over the summer to have this morning of fun.
 Of course Little brother wants to go and since Hunter is the best big brother ever, it was approved.
 This is the hole in one dab.
 Mrs. Welker is so patient with the kids and she got to witness first hand what she was getting into with Lucas the following school year.  Lucas was really excited to have her as his teach too.
 After 18 holes of putt putt Hunter chose to eat at 128 Pecan.  This kid has really good taste in food and this is his favorite restaurant in town.  Thank you Mrs. Welker for a wonderful summer day!

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