Thursday, January 4, 2018

Last day of Spring Break and headed home!

 Last lunch together on top of the mountain.  Goodbye Ragnar's, until Jan. 2018!

 Still traveling with Cutie.  He has been on every trip for the past 3 years.  He picked up this little guy as a reward for finishing up his first year of ski school.  He takes him back and skis with him in his backpack every year.  He has already started searching for him to take back for 2018.  I will miss the day he know longer cares to travel with this little guy.
 I know you can't see our faces, but we are all smiling and happy.  For me, I wouldn't want to be surrounded by anyone else...with the exception of the photographer.
 Headed home and walking out to board the place.  This is a very, very small airport and only opens up for the ski season to big commercial jets.  We always fly Delta and we were on the last flight out of the airport for the season.  It was a warm day, at least in the 60s and no snow.  I look forward to seeing the white landscape when we return next winter.

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