Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga, TN

 MY BIKE!!!  I could write a book on the 2 weeks of drama and this bike.  I owe my parents (as everyone does) the world for getting me my bike to race!  So, the nuts and bolts of the story goes something like this...

There was a two week turn around from the World Championships in Canada to the 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga.  I had used race day transports to manage shipping our bikes across the country.  We have a really big bike case and it is super expensive to fly so we decide to use Team USA's bike shipping company.  They promised they would have my bike to me by the end of the week at the latest!  WRONG!!!  They were awful to work with and I will never, ever, never, ever use them again.  EVER.  After two weeks of angst and Ken's bike shop loaning me a bike to race, MY MOM was able to get FedEx to reship my bike to Chattanooga.  My parents picked up my bike at 4am on Thursday before the race on Saturday and my wonderful husband put it all together for me.  I owe so much to them for making this happen for me.

 Here we are at the athlete's  banquet.  These are always a fun time and I enjoy seeing all the other athletes and listening to the history of the sport.
 Always the most represented!
 The bridge out over the river was decorated in all the flags of the many countries represented at the race.
T1 grab bag.  You had to grab your cycling gear here and then run with it up to your bike and the bag drop.  It was a little bit of a cluster, as it usually is for this type of event, and it changes with every single race...I don't understand this.
All the professionals were racing this weekend.  It was the first time Ironman separated the women and the mens race into two days.  The women raced on Saturday and the men raced on Sunday.  I didn't get to see the professional women race since I was racing with them but I did get to watch the men and it was so exciting!  Hunter waited patiently at the finish line and had a bunch of the professional men sign his hat.  He even snagged an autograph from Javier Gomez!!  I am super jealous of his hat!

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