Thursday, January 4, 2018

Kids Splash and Dash 2017

This was another great day for the Simmons family and Abingdon community. Oh, how I wish we had more events like this one in our community.  The kids had to swim and run.  Everyone had to swim 100m and then the run was divided up among ages.  10 and up did 2 laps around the track and the little guys did 1.
Hunter was assigned first in the water.  Mom may brag a bit here...but I think they knew he would be the fastest swimmer...he swims like his dad and not his mom.

Here comes our champion! Great swim and fast on the run.  I love that he loves to do this.  In time I suppose he will be able to do more.  There is not a lot of interest in this sport in SWVA.
This was the race to watch.  Lucas and Larkin were together from the beginning to the end!  They bolted out of transition and were in hot pursuit.

A million and one thanks to the Coomes center aquatic staff for hosting the kids event.  I hope they have one every year and it grows and grows!  Here the kids are getting lined up for the start.  All of them were ready to go!

Oh, be still my heart!
David and I raced earlier in the Sprint Triathlon where we finished first and second.  David had me by 11 seconds!  If only we had one more loop on the run.
Go Emerson, GO!!

This picture cracks me up.  I am sure Lucas is scouting out how far back the other kids are and letting Larkin know the skinny on the situation.
I think there plan was to wait on each other and cross the finish line together.  I need to teach that girl to leave that boy in the dust!
Strong in body and spirit!
Larkin is in it to win it!  I have always said she had the best running form of any 2 year old I had ever seen run!  5 years later she still has it!

And that took a lot of effort from this little man.  Post race nap is a must. I need to show him this picture every time I cross the line!
Until next year athletes!

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