Thursday, January 4, 2018

Some fun in Chattanooga--was there really any racing?

 Chattanooga is really the best place on Earth to host a triathlon if you have a family with kids.  They have so much to do in downtown and its super close to the race venue and transition sites.  David, Brian and I could check in and do all our stuff and the kids were busy with the grandparents doing everything else.  And, as soon as I get one foot across the finish line, they are ready to do it all over again.  RIGHT AT THAT VERY MOMENT!  If you read this in the future kids, this irritates the SHIT out of me.  One day you will understand.

 Our boys mastered Highpoint Climbing this year.  They have been a little shy of the heights in years past, but not this year.  They could do them all.

 A great creek that runs right through the middle of the city.  Perfect entrainment on hot days for kids waiting around for their racing parents.

 Ben in Jerry's is always a hit.  It is right across from the hotel and family favorite for after dinner dessert.
 Evan and Hunter even tackled the outdoor climbing wall.

 This bridge makes a better photo drop than a run course.
 And the city has a super nice aquarium. Its divided into two buildings.  One is for freshwater and one is the ocean environment.  The kids have been to several aquariums and always enjoy coming to this one each year.

 They have a touch and feel tank.  In a few minutes after this picture Blaine FELL into the tank trying to pet one of those stingrays!!  It was the funniest thing watching Brian fish him out of there.  Blaine wasn't happy about it but the rest of us were in stitches.  My parents were beside themselves.
 The butterfly garden is my favorite.  It's a small habitat just for butterflies and if you are lucky one will land on you and let you hold it for a minute.  Lucas was lucky and caught one.  He was so happy about that.  In the top picture he was trying to hand it off to Blaine to hold.

Goodbye aquarium!

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