Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Spring Break Ski trip with Chloe 2017!

 And we are off!  Thank goodness for safe travels and timely pilots.  We were able to land in Hayden around 12:30!  The first day is always the longest as we gain 3 extra hours to the day.
 Big boys riding together.
 The shuttle ride to the airport offers a much different view than what we see in January!  We have never been to Colorado when it wasn't covered in multiple feet of snow.  It was just as beautiful but looked so different.  It was also warm.  While we were there it was one of the warmest starts to spring in history. We saw temps in the low 70s while we were there!
 Cheers!  We made it and look forward to showing Chloe why we love skiing in Steamboat.
 First things first, we need a helmet.  Yes, a nice purple one with matching goggles will work just fine.  She looks like a pro already.
 You can tell it is warmer.  The kids aren't even wearing coats or hat or gloves!
 The first night you fly in to the resort you get to night ski for free.  The kids were ready to go (I mean are they ever NOT ready to go?). We got ready and headed out the door.  The preview run would be a great place for Chloe to start and we thought it might be a good idea to let her try to ski a little on her own before heading into ski school.

 Chloe and I headed up the lift for run number one.  Chloe has always been athletic and has great body awareness so I knew after a few days she wouldn't have any trouble keeping up with the boys.
 Yes, she caught on really fast.
 This was the first time we night skied with the boys and it was a lot of fun.  It was still light when they closed the lifts as the days are getting longer.  It's funny the little differences in the days, the snow and the temperatures in just a mere 8 weeks.
My handsome ski buddies!  David was taking over the Dawson selfie obsession.

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