Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Halloween 2016

 Halloween costume party at Sullins.  Why, yes that creepy black shadow is Lucas.
 Here is even a better picture.  No, you can't be the Grim Reaper we have been telling him since he was 5.  I let it go and said he could be a black ghost.  He looks pretty good.  I'm simply not used to the creepy, gory Halloween costumes because Hunter has always wanted to dress up the opposite.

 Like this!  This year he wanted to be Cam Newton.  Last year he was a professional cyclist.  Just goes to show how completely different these two kids are!
 Classroom parties are the best.

 Our annual neighborhood party.   We have such. great time with all of our friends and we live in a wonderful community.  This is another tradition I hope our boys will remember for years to come.
The results of our community service project.  This year we sponsored Happy Tails animal shelter and I was so happy to give all these items to help support their worthy cause!  Thank you GCC community for sharing Halloween with our family and for your ever generous donations.  Together we can make a difference!

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