Tuesday, January 2, 2018

More from Cozumel

 Here are the results from the Sprint.  I gave it my best shot and I finished 9th!  I will take it.  My first ever draft legal and I had FUN.  I had a decent swim but couldn't hang with the front group and couldn't pull fast enough on the bike to catch up for the run.  It was a HOT run and not my best time, but still better than most.  I am happy to say that I finished second for the USA and the other girls that beat me in Milwaukee didn't beat me in Mexico...well, with the exception of number one herself...you know who, right?
 The water was so beautiful it was distracting during the swim.  The fish were so brightly colored and swimming all about.
 We found a great little place to grab lunch right across the street from our hotel.
 Looks like a dive, probably is a dive but they had coldish beer (for David, I had one more race to go) and fresh, local seafood.
 One of the many cruise ships that came in every day!  I have never in my life seen ships like this.  They were enormous.  I really don't understand how they stay on top of the water.

 What could be better than soda and a straw?
 Most likely whatever he is having!  I can see that I was probably having the rest of my U-Cann.
Yup.  Ernesto's Bar.  A dive.  

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