Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Cozumel World Championships 2016

 Today was the day we were a part of the Parade of Nations.  ITU had given all the countries representation and we all walked down the streets of Cozumel awaiting the open ceremony festivities.    I was over the moon with excitement and pride to be racing for Team USA.  I had raced the 70.3 World Championships in Mont Tremblanc for Ironman and it was quite the experience as well.  But nothing really compares to racing for your country and wearing the uniform.  It is a proud moment.
 Hello Mexico!

 So blessed to have each of them with me!  My loves, my support crew and my number one fans.

 Here we go!  USA is by far the most represented country in the race.  I would say GB and Mexico were next.  Hang in there Hunter, we will be back in the AC soon.  It tool a few days to get used to the heat and humidity.  It is a different kind of hot.  Those afternoons I spent outside on the porch in the blazing sun served me well.
 Cozumel was a great host city and I enjoyed all the cultural authenticity they added to everything they could.
 Love this! #nuffsaid
 Enjoying the event!

 More cultural elements added to the parade and opening ceremonies.  The boys thought this was great!
And look who I found!  Brendan!  We were teammates back in the day at UNCW.  He was our pole vaulter and amazing swimmer and me the running girl.

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