Tuesday, January 2, 2018

July 4th fun in Sparta 2016

 Again, so much has changed since the date of these pictures.  We spent July 4th in Sparta at mom and dad's mountain house in Sparta.  We pulled the camper and set up camp in the driveway and so did Nana and Larry.  It was the Sparta family campground.  Sadly, (sort of...as I was never a really big fan of Sparta) mom and dad sold the house and the land the following summer in a matter of 24 hours.  It was a difficult decision for them I know.  It was for the best as it was too hard for them to continue maintaining two households. So, here is one of the last Hoo Rahs we had on the hilltop!
 Our little spot for the weekend.  Thanks to mom and dad we had water and electricity!  Yahoo!

 Nana and Larry's site for the weekend!
 Beautiful house coming up from the pond.  You can see how the fog rises in the morning.  I wonder how many times I have walked up that hill to the house over the last 15 years.
 Trying to catch a fish.  The pond doesn't give up much, but when someone catches something it renews HOPE in all.
 This was so incredible!  We ran an Independence Day 5k in Independence, VA!  I mean, really, how cool is that.  It was a rainy cool morning, nice for running...not so fun for the parade that followed.
 I was running with Hunter and Lucas was partnering up with Lucas.  
 Headed in for the finish!

 Quite the crowd, despite the weather for the parade.

Back at the homestead enjoying the end to a super fun weekend.  We later enjoyed a fire works show!

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