Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2016 Kids for Kids triathlon in Winston Salem

 Oh my!  I could write and entire book on this singular experience for the kids.  It was wonderful and a nice surprise.  The kids (Hunter) had been asking to participate in a triathlon like mom and dad. In Appalachia country there simply aren't ANY around, and that's a real shame!  We stumbled upon this one in Winston Salem and made a road trip out of it with the York-Simmons clan and boy were we glad we did.  These kids are rock stars, all of them.  Thanks to the many sponsors of this race and for introducing the sport to our youngest triathletes.  Little Lucas wasn't old enough yet...but wait until I catch the blog up and you see what the little guy does in his first triathlon!  More on that to come..

 Eli, Linden and Hunter getting a chance to warm up prior to the swim start.  They each had to swim a 50, bike 3 miles and run 1.8.
 Hunter was the first in his heat up and out of the water.  I was so crazy with joy and excitement I was an entire mess for the whole event!  I don't know who enjoyed this more, me or them.
 Into T1 and off on the bike.  They had volunteers to help the kids along the way.  All the volunteers were past ironman participants.  So cool!
 Linden off on the bike in a blaze of fury.
 Bike done and on to the run!
 Here he comes!!!  Hunter is finishing up a great race.  I hope it is the first of many!

 Worked hard for that hardware.  #Proudmommy
 The rest of the family along for the ride!  Cheers all along the course for all of the athletes.

 Super star!  Ran the whole race in Keens.

 You are now a TRIATHLETE!  Best kids race EVER. PEROID.
 Proud and happy daddies.
 Results are in!!!  Check out those top spots!
 And for Linden!

 Hunter was able to place first in his age group. Photo op with two of his biggest fans.
 After race dinner and a nap.  Being someone's biggest fan is a lot of work.
And this is how we roll.  Wouldn't have it any other way.  Well, I look forward to racking Lucas's bike up there next year.

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