Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A little stop in Cancun

 It was an epic journey for sure.  We had trouble with the flights so to make things easier we took a stop over in Cancun at the Westin for a night.  Oh man.  I wish we would have had more nights here than in Cozumel.  The hotel was stunning as were the pools and the ocean.  It was dreamy and ever so relaxing now that all the racing was done.  You can see how large the infinity pool was.  It looked like it dumped right into the ocean.
 Not too crowded and the perfect place to meet some friends. Lucas can make new friends anywhere. I love his friendly spirit.  Hunter is just as kind but a little more shy when it comes to meeting new people.

 My boys enjoying the beautiful view.....

I have to insert another short story here and I hate I don't have any pictures but we weren't allowed to take any.  We all got to be a part of a baby sea turtle release program.  They had a marine life crew on the beach by the hotel that was letting the public help them release baby sea turtles out into the ocean.  It was incredible!  They had two 10 gallon buckets full of little baby sea turtles!  Everyone lined up along the shore and the crew walked down the line and gave everyone a baby turtle.  They were the cutest little thing you have ever seen.  I wished at that very moment that little turtle would make it!  He would survive despite all the odds against him.  We held them up and on the count of three let them go on the water's edge and hoped they made it safely into the sea.  It was a memorable moment and one I hope the boys don't forget.  It isn't everyday that you get to release a baby sea turtle!
 Landing back in the USA.  We flew out of Raleigh so we had a bit of a drive once we landed...
And it looked something like this.  I mean who sleeps on the plane?  This crew crashes when they hit the car seat.   And, do you see something missing?  Those of you who know Lucas and see him sleep, in the car, or at home realize there is something missing.......a little, soft white blanket.

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