Tuesday, January 2, 2018

5k on the Creeper Trail with friends

 Lined up and ready to race one mile as fast as you can!  Larkin, Lucas and Blaine are ready to roll.
 Waiting for the start is the hardest part.  It's the hardest part of racing for me and I am an adult..sort of.  You can imagine the angst the kids have waiting to GO!
 David, Hunter, Emerson and Evan are running the longer 3.1 version.  These guys are tough competitors and get super nervous before their races.
 Winner, winner! Go Daddy, GO!!
 And what do you do after racing a mile?  You climb rocks and play chase until big brothers and daddies are done running.
 Waiting for the results and for Hunter and Evan to finish up!
 And what do you do when you finish running 3.1 miles?  You join your younger siblings in rock climbing and chase because obviously you didn't run hard enough for 3.1 miles to be tired!  I love their constant energy and wish I could capture a little bit of it for myself on a daily basis.
 Boom!  Winner of the one mile.  Keep your eye on this kid, he is going to be fast!
 Boom!  Second runner up!  Keep an eye on this one too....

 Looking at double trouble right here.  Big brothers, here we come!
 I always get super excited when the GIRLS rock it out.  Running is so dear to my heart I love to see strong girls out there getting it done.  Way to go Emerson!

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