Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Steamboat Vacation 2017

 This year we were flying out to Steamboat on the 1st!  Hooray, we were so excited to go.  We were on the early flight (leaves at 6:30) so we were lugging our families and 17 pieces of luggage through the airport at 5:30 am.  Guess what?  7 hours later we were still sitting in that airport waiting on Delta to fly in a pilot from Atlanta as the one for our flight never showed......hmmmmmm
 We looked like this for hours and hours.  We would have left but they kept saying the pilot is own his way, he will be here in an hour...or 7!  The kids were handling the situation better than the adults.  They had each other and played games and ran up and down the one escalator in the place.

Yes, you can sleep on the floor.  Why, go ahead and lick it while you are down there!  We had crossed the line of insanity and rationality at some point.

 I think our families literally took up a whole corner of the airport.

Then we finally got on the plane and this happens.  For the 35 minute flight to Atlanta the boys got enough sleep to fuel our now 24 hour travel day.  We missed our connection in Atlanta to Hayden, CO.  The ONE delta flight that flies in for the day so we had to reroute to Denver and take a shuttle into Steamboat Springs.  A 45 minute shuttle from Hayden vs a 3.5 hour van ride in the pouring snow at midnight from Denver.

We made it to Steamboat safely and it made for a travel day we will most likely never forget.  When something like this happens it makes you really appreciated on time flights!!!

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