Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Steamboat 2018

 Some of the best hot chocolate on the planet.  We all hold our breath that the hot chocolate machine doesn't go out!  We have been a few times when it is out of service.  It is so disappointing, it's that good and once you add a little bourbon it's even better.
 Still entertaining themselves with their skiing companies.  I think this year we were spared Blaine dropping his in the toilet.
 Yes, they all can ski down black diamonds now.  And they do it much better and faster than me.
 Remember the post on French Onion Soup?  #nuffsaid
 Feels good to be back at the FBL together again.
 Still playing and still happy.
 This table deserves a little plaque with our names on it.  Once the kids are back in the group we reserve this spot every day.
 Nope, not me.
 Ok, this is really the name of the FBL.  We coined it the Feel Better Lodge (FBL) on our first trip out here and the name has stuck.  Good food, table service, good alcohol and a chance to warm up and rest, why would it need another name?
 Still playing.

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