Wednesday, January 3, 2018

More from DAY 1 of skiing

 Headed to the top and on the way to the FBL I would imagine.  Day one and we have to hit the FBL together for lunch.
 This is outside of Slopeside.  It's a fun bar, grill,pizza place right at the base of the mountain.  I think I have a picture of these for later in the week where this same patio is covered in snow.  I see Lucas and Blaine have their "help me" backpacks on.  I have a feeling we won't be using those ever again.  sniff, sniff
 Yes, lunch at the FBL!  You can see here that Blaine and Lucas still ski with their BFF stuffs in their packs.
 Push ups for little boys that don't listen.
 All were ready for the terrain park.
 First day up to the top and the little guys were pooped, and sleepy after a big meal.  No time to rest kiddos, we have to get back to the base!

Headed back down and closing out the day.  So beautiful...

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