Monday, January 1, 2018

Lucas's 6th Birthday

 We have been doing at home birthday parties for a long time.  They are so much fun and they are a lot of work.  I have to say, out of all the birthdays I have done at home for the boys the Star Wars parties are the BEST!  Hunter's was amazing and so was Lucas's.  This is the BB8 cake I made for Lucas on his actual birthday.  We had a mini celebration before the big party the following weekend.  For Hunter's party I had made R2D2.

 David stole the show!  He came out from around the house dressed as Kilo Res and all the Jedi's were on the attack.  I wish I had more pictures from this party but when you are mom and hosting you get caught up in the party and enjoying the moment.  I totally forget the camera.  You can see some of the kids have on tunics.  Mom and I made jedi and Rea tunics for the kids to wear along with pool noodle light sabers.  It was an epic battle and with 30 kids on the attack poor David never stood a chance!
 Blackbird Bakery came through at the last minute for the birthday cake.  Somehow the party got a little larger than planned and I didn't feel comfortable baking a cake for that many people!
Happiest kid on the planet.  Surrounded by friends and family to help him celebrate such a special day.  This was an epic birthday and birthday party.  When I grow up I want one just like it!

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