Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hunter's 9th birthday and a James Island camping trip

 Birthday sleep over with this crew.
 A day at the beach in sunny and HOT Charleston, SC.  For Hunter's birthday he wanted to go on another camping trip to the beach.  We chose James Island in SC as it was recommended as a favorite from some friends.  It was HOT, but we love the heat and having the camper to host the dogs in the AC while we made day trips was perfect.  This is another family vacation that I will never forget.
 Our little make shift home for the day.  We had to drive 30minutes or so from our campground to the beach.  We brought only the essentials and spend a few hours each day playing on the beach and in the ocean.

 Of course I must travel with Tri Bike!  I am preparing for the Sprint and Olympic World Championships in Cozumel, Mexico the following month.  It was the perfect set up for training.  Did I mention it was HOT and HUMID?  Perfect conditions for Mexico training.  And, it was the summer of the Olympics so I set up camp, moved the TV to the back of the R-Pod and sweated the hours away.  How motivating to train while watching the Olympics.
 Turns out it was more helpful than I could have imagined sweating it out at that campground.  We (thankfully) don't get that same kind of heat and humidity in the mountains and the exposure was more than helpful for the upcoming race.
 Sweet husband bringing the puppies in from a walk around the campground.  I didn't get pictures of it but just on the other side of the car across the street was a water park.  It wasn't very big but it was the perfect way to spend a few days with the boys.
Home sweet home in the SC heat for a week.  This family loves camping and the R-Pod has fit into our lifestyle so perfectly.  We can do anything in that sweet little camper.

Happy Birthday Hunter! I look forward to all the next birthday adventures!

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