Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Gwen!!! I got to see Gwen race!!!

 Here she goes!  One of my triathlon idols and I had the opportunity to see her race in person!  She finished second to Flora Duffy from Bermuda.  She gave her a run for her money but Gwen simply couldn't catch her off the bike.  She went way to hard on the bike and suffered from it on the run.  (yes, I know what that feels like) Their race is draft legal and there is so much strategy involved.
 Here goes the pack.  At this point in the race it is a scramble for third.  Gwen and Flora have pulled away.
 You can see from this picture how she has pulled away from the group with her incredible leg speed. This girl can run.  Oh, to be like her!

 There she goes.  Holding on in the heat.
 Here is the winner!  Super excited and motivated watching this group of talented ladies!! So inspiring.

 You can see the competition is no where close.  She had this race in the bag when she was able to pull away from Gwen on the bike.
Second place and one of the best athletes in the world.  

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