Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A little more of the new year. This and that...

 What do you do when you have to be at a swim meet for two straight days....ALL DAY.  If you are rolling with Big Daddy you tailgate in the parking lot.  Simmons/Dawson party of four.   We thought about bringing the R-pod.
 Look at that happy face!  This cute little deer was a Christmas present from Santa and was destroyed by the big fluffy puppy in our house.  You can imagine the tears.  It was a Christmas miracle that Santa was able to send another one 2 weeks after Christmas.
 Dinner with Gaga.
 See, here is proof that we were at a swim meet.  And, yes all of our boys were swimming.
 Valentines Day crafts at School.  Lucas made a decorative cup, that now sits on my desk as a pen/pencil holder.
And Hunter no doubt did a car theme.  His cup is also sitting on my desk.  I will never tire of their school craft projects that they bring home.  I truly love every single one!

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