Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2016 Sprint and Olympic Distance World Championships in Cozumel, Mexico!

 Day 1---Headed to the island of Cozumel
 Yup, those are my bikes.  All dissembled and ready for travel.  Did I mention in any of my previous posts that I have the most amazing husband?  If not, this is another reason why I married the best man on planet earth!  Not only did he support me on my road to qualification (which I did the previous year racing Nationals in Milwaukee) but he financed the trip, was the best training partner ever, the best dad to manage the kids while I raced and is my bike mechanic and number one fan.  Here you can see him checking to make sure the bikes are securely in place.  I had to fly two bikes to Mexico.  This was the first year the Sprint race was draft legal.  Have I raced a draft legal race before?  Why, no silly.  No one does it in the US!  How crazy is that?  I would soon find out it is a blast and I'm a huge fan of racing more draft legal events in the future.

 Plane has landed in Cancun.  Then we had to take a bus to Carmen del Playa where we would catch a ferry over to Cozumel.  The boys are great travelers and I was so thankful to have them along for this opportunity.
 Here comes our ferry!  It was a 45 minute ride from the port to the island.  Long day of travel and one last leg to the hotel.
 Here we go!  The water was beautiful and they provided entertainment along the way...for tips of course!

 My bikes made it safe and sound and the case provided a nice ride for Lucas who was HOT and tired by the end of our travels.  The port on the island was another taxi ride away, but a mere 15 minutes more and we were in our beautiful hotel.

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