Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2016 Greensboro Kids Triathlon Series

 The boys had so much fun racing in Winston Salem earlier in the summer that we looked and looked for some more youth triathlons.  We found one in Greensboro and loaded up the car to participate.  It was great because the age requirement started at 5 so Lucas was in!  This was his first triathlon and he was ready to go and all smiles the whole day!  Big brother was a little nervous.  He races much like his mother.  Anxious at the start and all business...
 Ready to start.  At this time we were still sporting the scuba mask.  He hated for water to get up his nose and he really felt more comfortable swimming in the mask.  You know what I say to that? Find the mask and you swim your heart out in that mask!!  Go Lucas!!
 Out of T1 on off to enjoy 3 miles around the beautiful neighborhood.

 Finishing up strong!  Success on a great finish, but more importantly, this little guy loved it!  He loved the swim, the bike and the run and he was encouraging others along the way.

 I feel like you can see the nervousness in Hunter's face.
 Made it to T1 but had some trouble on the bike course.  For whatever reason he got lost out on the bike course and it cost him the win.  No worries, he finished strong and is refocused for the next race!  Great job Hunter and way to persevere!

 My little athletes!
 Results are in!

A day of racing isn't for wimps.  

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